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Walk In Sync™ Harness and Accu-Grip™ Leash training tools

Walk In Sync™ Harness and Leash

Dog Leash
The revolutionary Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System

The Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System was created by Professional Holistic Dog Trainer and Animal Heeler, Alecia Evans.

Our patented In Sync harness™ is the only proper fitting front clip harness that allows your dog to exercise safely and your pup to learn to walk on lead without ever limiting their shoulder stride. Fully adjustable at the neck and girth with soft but sturdy webbing and a top clip to use for exercise once your dog learns to move off pressure with ease. Our patented Accu-Grip Leash™ design gives you the confidence to provide clear, consistent boundaries to your dog while never giving you Leash Burn.

The Walk In Sync™ System comes with our exclusive 3 Easy Steps and Advanced Easy Steps Videos and Solid Foundation Puppy Training Videos.

Machine Washable. Air Dry.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Reviews and Testimonials

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Get-A-Grip™ Leash

Dog Leash
Get A Grip™ is the world's most comfortable and secure Dog Leash.

World's most comfortable Dog Leash

Safer For Your Dog and More Comfortable For You

No more Leash Burn from nylon ripping through your hand when your dog decides to take off. No more having to wrap the leash around your hand in fear of your dog lunging. With Get-A-Grip™ you will have a safe, comfortable, confident grip on your dog.

Great Training Tool for your Dog or Puppy

From a training perspective, Get-A-Grip™ offers you and your pup clear, consistent, unchanging boundaries that natural leaders exhibit and that dog’s naturally respect to prevent pulling, lunging and unpredictable behavior in minutes.

Get- A-Grip™ Leash is also the safest leash for humans as it puts your shoulder in the safest position to eliminate any undue stress on your joints or ligaments.

Machine Washable. Air Dry.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Reviews and Testimonials

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The In Sync™ Method Book

Dog Collar
6 Secrets Your Dog Wants To Teach You To Unleash Your Greatest Potential

So you are ready to train your dog or cute new puppy.

Are you prepared to be an Authentic Leader to your dog? Do you know the 6 Secrets that every canine knows that will make you a great leader in their eyes?

While you may think puppy or dog training is all about the dog, what if it was really more about what you need to learn about who you need to be and the energy you need to embody then what you are teaching the dog?

What if your dog was actually here to train you how to unleash your greatest potential as an Authentic Leader?

In her ground breaking book, The In Sync™ Method: 6 Secrets Your Dog Wants To Teach You To Unleash Your Greatest Potential, Holistic Dog Trainer, Communicator and Animal Healer, Alecia Evans offers a larger perspective on how dogs are actually training their humans to be Authentic Leaders to them and all the beings in their life.

This unique "inside out approach" to dog training is a must read for every dog parent. The 6 Secrets are key qualities that every dog leader embodies and all dogs actually understand which is why most dog packs function far more effectively than many human/dog relationships.

Dogs and humans speak different languages. And most training approaches are like a one way conversation in which a human is trying to teach a dog English. Your dog however, has his/her own unique language which is foreign to most humans because it is more energetically based then verbally based. So wouldn't it make sense to learn our dog's language of energy- which is very clear, very consistent and honest in order for us to enjoy a two way form of communication and be In Sync™ with one another.

In this book you will discover:

  • How to embody the 6 Secret qualities every dog knows and respects in an Authentic Leader
  • The primary form of communication of every dog (it’s not what you think)
  • Why silence is the universal language that creates the deepest bond between humans and dogs
  • The inner alignment that every dog knows that they want to teach humans to build better relationships and a better world
  • How easy it is to be In Sync™ with your dog
  • How much more effective you will be in your life by training your dog with the In Sync™ Method

Every book owner will receive a 10% discount on the Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System.

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The Walk In Sync™ System

BookCourseDog Leash
A 7-week home study eCourse created by Holistic Dog Trainer, Alecia Evans

Drawing from over 15 years of experience as a Professional Holistic Dog Trainer who has assisted thousands of clients, Alecia developed the In Sync 7 week Home Study eCourse to expertly guide you through a whole new level of awareness and understanding about dogs so that you can master the Inner Game of Dog Training and be In Sync with your dog in minutes. 

Alecia will lead you step by step through the 6 Secrets that will help you to build and master your Authentic Leadership Skills so that you have the confidence and trust in yourself to lead your dog with clarity and ease. You will develop clear boundaries based on mutual respect and common communication that will take your training and relationship to such a natural and relaxed zone that you will wish all your relationships can be In Sync like that.

View Course Outline 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Reviews and Testimonials

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The Missing Link In Dog Training EBook

Dog Leash
The Missing Link In Dog Training EBook

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We are so confident that the Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System will help you walk your dog or puppy in minutes in a calm, effective manner that we are giving you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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