New Friends Are Fun To Make

August 06, 2015 Alecia Evans

Here’s a cute shot of Indie and his new friend Tillman the Incredible Skateboarding Dog and star of “Who Let The Dog’s Out.” 

Indie, is not a picture friendly dog.   He actually looks the other way when I break out the camera.  Here I think he took a little inspiration from his new friend Tillman who LOVES the camera.

We met Tilly at BlogPaws 2012 where I got to see first hand this mighty Bulldogs amazing talent for riding a skateboard.  I was truly blown away by his athleticism and enthusiasm for riding a skateboard all by himself.

Who says you can’t teach a dog new tricks.

Check this out:

Tillman- you are one in 100,000,000. Thanks for posing with the Weiner Dog and keep on skatin.

Paws Up!

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