Get-A-Grip™ Leash

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Product Info

Dog Leash
Get A Grip™ is the world's most comfortable and secure Dog Leash.

World's most comfortable Dog Leash

Safer For Your Dog and More Comfortable For You

No more Leash Burn from nylon ripping through your hand when your dog decides to take off. No more having to wrap the leash around your hand in fear of your dog lunging. With Get-A-Grip™ you will have a safe, comfortable, confident grip on your dog.

Great Training Tool for your Dog or Puppy

From a training perspective, Get-A-Grip™ offers you and your pup clear, consistent, unchanging boundaries that natural leaders exhibit and that dog’s naturally respect to prevent pulling, lunging and unpredictable behavior in minutes.

Get- A-Grip™ Leash is also the safest leash for humans as it puts your shoulder in the safest position to eliminate any undue stress on your joints or ligaments.

Machine Washable. Air Dry.

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