The Missing Link In Dog Training EBook

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  • What I am about to share with you is the Missing Link in the foundation of any type of dog training, including:

    • My personal story with my Chocolate Lab Barney
    • The latest scientific Veterinary research
    • How to recognize the body/ behavior connection in your dog
    • How to identify where your dog’s pain point is coming from And Much More!
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Without a body there can be no behavior issues – Alecia Evans, MA, HDT, AWC

Welcome!!! I am so excited that you found this page.

I have been up to something BIG- Over the last 8 years in my Holistic Dog Training practice. I mean mind-blowingly Big. It’s a discovery I made that will connect the dots between your dog or pups body to the root cause of most of your training behavior issues.

  • Does your dog still have behavior issues even after training?
  • Have you gotten some results with rehabilitating your dog or pup’s behavior but not as much as you were hoping for?
  • Did your dog develop a behavior issue seemingly out of nowhere a few years into their life?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions you are so in the right place.

What I am about to share with you is the Missing Link in the foundation of any type of dog training and is evolutionizing the way dogs are evaluated and trained due to this one discovery.

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The Missing Link In Dog Training EBook

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Discover The Missing Link

In The Missing Link In Dog Training
Ebook will share with you:

  • My personal story with my Chocolate Lab Barney and how these seeming obstacles in our training were the foundation of my In Sync Holistic Method of Dog Training and are based on an integrated and natural approach to training that goes to the root of your problem- your dog’s body
  • The most vulnerable areas inside your dog’s body- you are not going to like what you see in relation to how traditional tools can adversely affect your dog
  • Where your dog or pup’s training or health issues most likely started and you are not going to believe no one has ever connected these dots for you before
  • The latest scientific Veterinary research from:
    • Dr. Jean Dodds, connecting collars to Thyroid damage
    • Dr. Peter Dobias connecting collars to allergies, ear and eye infections
    • Dr. Karen Becker making the connection between collars and seizures
    • Hans Allgren connecting harsh leash jerks to aggression
  • How each tool was designed and how they actually make no sense to your dog’s body or your communication and could be the root of their behavior
  • How to recognize the body/ behavior connection in your dog
  • How to identify where your dog’s pain point is coming from
  • What to do when you discover there is a pain point
  • My suggestions for safe training tools and appropriate modalities to use to get your dog free of pain and resolving their behavior issue for good
Personal Experience

I became really curious about the root cause most dog and puppy behavior issues as a result of my own really challenging training experiences with my Chocolate Lab Barney.

You may have heard my personal story of how I came to be a dog trainer and chose to follow a more integrated and holistic model of dog training after some really challenging training issues in with my adorable puppy. Barney and I went through training using every tool under the sun that the trainer recommended, choke chain, prong collar, nose halter and shock collar and all of those tools hurt my dog physically and emotionally and none actually worked to resolve his pulling lunging, hyperactivity and jumping issues.

One day after being dragged around for 2 years by Barney my anger unfortunately got the best of me and I pulled really hard on Barneys choke chain. I saw my dog wince in pain and yelp and I broke down in tears on the side walk feeling at a total loss because I was failing him and me. I made him a promise at that moment that I would find a way to help dogs and people enjoy better communication and experience pain free training.

My Invention

As a result of my promise to Barney I created the Walk in Sync Humane Dog Walking and Training tools to help people and dogs experience pain free training and vastly improve their communication with minimal effort. I am proud to say that I have assisted 15,000 dogs and their humans to get in sync with each other on walks by using my tools and then follow my simple Inner Game of Dog Training Course to create great natural relaxed and well-mannered relationships.

I began to see that by providing safe, comfortable tools that create a natural, consistent boundary the dogs and the humans visibly more relaxed from the first walk and learned to get in sync with one another very quickly. This was exciting AND YET I still was drawn to understanding the root cause of so many of these behavior issues.

Path of Discovering The Mind/Body/Behavior Connection in Canines

While I had realized that Barney was injured by the training tools I used, I did not understand at the time how much the discomfort in his body was connected to his behaviors of pulling, lunging, jumping, aggression, anxiety, hyperactivity and stress. I sensed that there was a mind/body/behavior connection that I needed to understand more deeply.

In The Missing Link In Dog Training I will share with you my mind-blowing discovery that the root of your dog or pup’s behavior issue is to be found in any misalignment, tightness or discomfort in their body. I have discovered that there is without a doubt a Mind/Body/Behavior Connection that all dogs experience. And I share with you why training and walking tools matter because of the how they can affect your dog or pup’s physical structure.

Since dogs can’t speak verbally, they speak to us through their bodies. Now is the time to discover The Missing Link in Dog Training for yourself to understand the deep and interrelated connection between your dog’s body and their behaviors to help your dog clear up their issue at the root.

You have my promise that this book will open your eyes in a way no training book ever has. The Missing Link In Dog Training is filled with factual common sense information that is simple, to the point, and is backed by science both empirical and evidentiary to make a clear connection between tightness or misalignment your dog may be experiencing in their back or neck and the behaviors that you have not been able to change.

You will want to read every word in one sitting and share this with every dog loving friend, family and professional you know.

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